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In March 2020, live performances shut down, but theatre stayed alive. Companies pivoted, re-imagined, re-worked, collaborated, and created new ways to reach their audiences. For many that meant virtual performances: livestreams, zoom readings, and performances created whole cloth for this new medium. Austin Playfest celebrates the depth and breadth of Austin Theatre during the pandemic as we return to live performances. 



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Featuring clockwise: Jarrott Productions presents A Portrait of My Mother, Salvage Vanguard Theatre presents Amendment, Allegra Jade Fox as the goddess Athena in The Vortex Odyssey (Photo by Errich Petersen), ScriptWorks presents Out of Ink 2021: Perfect Glitch, Austin Playhouse presents Cyndi WIlliams in Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins.

Austin Playhouse: Confessions of an English Danger Girl
Deaf Austin Theatre: DAT Short Play Festival
Glass Half Full Theatre: Trash Talks with Polly Mermaid 
Ground Floor Theatre: Trans Lives/Trans Voices
Hyde Park Theatre: Port Arthur (a Radio Play)
Jarrott Productions: A Portrait of My Mother
New Manifest Theatre Company: Manifest Minifest 2020  
Salvage Vanguard Theater: amendment: the making of an american myth, or the slow sipping of a peacock tea 
ScriptWorks: Out of Ink 2021: Perfect Glitch
Summer Stock Austin: Scout 
TILT Performance Group: Loudly Proudly!
The VORTEX: The VORTEX Odyssey, Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror, The CoviDecameron "Life Reloaded", The CoviDecameron "Self-Reflection", Baba Yaga and the Golden Bees

All-inclusive festival pass and single tickets available. 

Livestreams, Shorts, and more!

Austin Playfest also features live q&a's
with creators, original livestreamed content, and a mixer at the Butterfly Bar!

Thank you for your support!

Austin Playfest is produced by Austin Playhouse in collaboration with participating theatre companies.

All Together Now!
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